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Wow! I am extremely thrilled to be a part of the Space Coast Mavericks family! I look forward to meeting all of our players and families. I am excited for our future, its going to be so bright we all  better wear our sunglasses!

My Story


Previous City Manager and Director of Public Safety for the City of Bunnell, with operational and financial responsibility of the City’s Budget and all City Departments as its Chief Executive Officer, such as: Utilities (Water and Sewer), Public Works, Finance, Human Resources, The City Clerk’s Office, Community Development, Planning and Zoning, Grants Procurement and Administration, Engineering, Solid Waste, Police, and Fire. Over thirty years of Public Service, encumbered with The City of Miami and The City of Bunnell, most of which were in the capacity of Senior Executive Management. Over 25 years’ personal experience in real estate investments consisting of purchase, reconstruction, and renovation of properties for re-sale.

During his tenure as a City Manager, the City of Bunnell moved in a new progressive direction.  One such example, was the enhancement of the City’s level of services, efficiency, and professionalism, while reducing the millage rate an average of 10.7568%.  Another was the complete re-write of the City’s Comprehensive Plan to make room for economic development, as a result of an 87,000-acre annexation in 2010, making Bunnell the second largest City in the state of Florida geographically. This re-write was performed in house with City staff, only outsourcing for a traffic study, to save revenues.  The plan was presented to the Florida Department of Community Affairs and adopted in 2010. 

Before coming to the City of Bunnell, he served with the City of Miami Police Department which had a sworn compliment of 1102 officers and 362 civilian employees, to serve a population of over 400,000.  During his tenure with the Miami Police Department, he managed the Emergency Operations Center as one of his high-profile crisis management mobilization assignments.  In addition, as part of his normal duties, he managed four separate divisions throughout his career, to include: Internal Affairs Division, Administration Division, Field Operations Division, and Criminal Investigations Division to include Miami Vice.   He restructured the areas under his responsibility within each division as necessary to increase its effectiveness, efficiency and their level of service, while reducing overtime and expenditures.  As part of the management team for the Administration Division, he participated in the administration of a 135-million-dollar budget.  After fulfilling his obligation to the City of Miami Police Department, he retired after twenty-five years and was hired as the Chief of Police for the City of Bunnell.  Within a year of service, he was promoted to City Manager and Director of Public Safety managing all departments for the City of Bunnell, Florida. 

As a result of his tenure with the City of Bunnell and the City of Miami, he gained a vast amount of experience in all areas of Management, to include Emergency Crisis and Mobilization Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Law Enforcement, and Public Administration.   He also traveled internationally to spearhead a team of assessors to provide training and assessments to foreign governments on their current practices and policies.

After a second retirement, he was recruited by Sani Effect Environmental as their Chief Operations Officer and managing partner. This was not an easy task since he was enjoying a well-earned retirement coaching his grandchildren and being a full-time husband to his wife of 43 years Nubia.  He served as part of the coaching staff for various teams affiliated with the West Melbourne Little League. As a Christian, Armando also gets fulfillment by helping others, a day-to-day benefit in our organization, which convinced him to come out of retirement and become a member of our team.   He is a managing Partner responsible for all of central and North Florida Operations and inter/intra organizational networking.


Our Sani Effect Team and our clients benefit greatly with the knowledge and experience of this creative self-starter with extensive experience in management, training, teambuilding, and problem solving.  Armando (or Senior as we refer to him) holds a Bachelor’s in Public administration from Barry University; along with, State Licenses for Mold Assessment and Remediation, he enjoys being in the field to have and provide direct contact with our clients at the highest levels of our organization.


However, his most memorable and satisfying job accomplishment was coaching and mentoring our young adults and providing them with the confidence and tools to become successful in all their future goals and endeavors.



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